Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day
Each year, the 29th September holds a special significance for Police throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and the Solomon Islands. It is a day for police to pause to honour officers whose lives have been cut short while performing their duty as a police officer. This important day is also a time to remember police officers who have lost their lives through illness or other circumstances.
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Constable Damien Murphy
Senior Constable Jamie Pearson
Senior Constable Donald Everett
First Class Constable David Dewar
Senior Constable Philip Ruland
Constable Gavin Capes
Detective Senior Constable Michael Jenkins
Constable Mark Loohuys
Constable Cheryl Klumper
Senior Constable Peter Ball
Senior Constable Jane Kennaugh
First Class Constable David Gaunt
Detective Senior Constable Charles Scott
Constable Nathan Duckham
Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Bowen
Constable Stephen Knight
Detective Sergeant Stephen Hughes
Detective Senior Constable Arthur Douglas
Senior Constable James Oswald
First Class Constable William Pense
Constable Malcolm Stanaway
Detective Constable Ivan Smith
Constable Graham Brown
Constable Paul Tyrrell
Constable Raymond Pritchard
Constable Terrence O'Sullivan
Constable Ashley Godfrey
Constable Kenneth Heary

Constable Terence Sullivan
Constable Colin Cusack
Constable George Winter
Constable Robin Bell
Constable Noel Iles
Constable Kenneth Flatt
Constable Hamish Burns
Constable Harry Thomas
Constable Richard Mills
Constable Peter McManus
Constable Edmund Gray
Constable Frank Morton
Constable Edgar Morrow
Constable Laurence Tully
Constable Donald Stewart
Constable Reuben McDonald
Constable Jim Brooks
Detective Constable Carl Roe
Constable Lauren Buzza
Inspector Stanley Lewis
Sergeant Alexander Mark
Constable Wilfred Read
Detective Sergeant Alexander Pitman
Detective Inspector John Walsh
Constable John McClay
Inspector Herbert Thomas
Constable Bertram Fletcher
Constable Frank Buttle
Constable John Hamley

Aboriginal Assistant Wallaby
Aboriginal Assistant Dong
Aboriginal Assistant Dickey
Constable Alexander McGregor
Aboriginal Assistant Willy
Constable John Nicholson
Constable Ernest Blencowe
Aboriginal Assistant Rocket
Constable Joseph Collins
Constable WC Richardson
Constable Herbert Bosville
Sergeant Richard Troy
Aboriginal Assistant Jimmy Parrish
Constable Joseph O'Connell
Constable Patrick Hackett
Constable William Armstrong
Constable William Griffis
Constable Walter Gee
Constable William Goldwyer
Inspector Frederick Panter
Constable Thomas Knibbs
Aboriginal Assistant Jack Mogalwert
Captain Theophilus Ellis