Karratha to Broome Bike Marathon

The Annual Karratha to Broome Bike Marathon is being held on the 9th and 14th of August 2016.

Principally a ride planned and managed by the Police personnel, led by Senior Constable Kelsie Green of Karratha and surrounding stations it involves Police Officers from all over Western Australia.

Support is provided to the ride by local community groups such as St John Ambulance and Lions Club but involves many other members of the community. Support of substantial resources is a huge requirement of the ride. The Lions Club of Karratha/Dampier supports the ride by the preparation and distribution of food and beverages for the riders.

The Western Australia Police Service is at the forefront of support providing vehicles and personnel to patrol the highway and escort the ride from start to finish and therefore, many thanks to the Pilbara District Police Office.

The ride is conducted as a marathon relay involving teams of riders. Each team completes approximately 430 kilometres each.

A support crew of at least 20 is required to escort, feed, load and unload bikes and generally support the riders during the day/night ride.