The Story of Polair 64
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In 2001 the Newman Police Sub-District was an area in size of approximately 256,000 sq kms. The furthest indigenous community is Kiwirrkurra which is 816 kms direct line east from Newman and is situated 130 kms west of the Northern Territoy border. On Australia Day, January 26, 2001, in response to a call for assistance from that community, a team of three officers from the Newman Police Station were collected from Newman Airport by a police Cessna 310 aircraft, call sign Polair 64, piloted by a police officer from Karratha.

They attended at Kiwirrkurra and having dealt with the situation, departed there at 7.30pm returning to Newman. Polair 64 contacted Newman Police Station by radio at 9.15pm and requested that vehicles be sent to collect the Newman officers.

At 9.50pm Polair 64 entered the circuit area of the Newman Airport and shortly after, at about 10.00pm, the aircraft crashed 2.6 kms south east of the airport.

A search was immediately commenced by police and local volunteer emergency services personnel, supported by other agencies and community members, and at 4.30am the following morning the wreckage of Polair 64 was located.
Tragically, all officers on board the aircraft had lost their lives.

The impact on their families, friends and colleagues and the community of Newman was and is profound.

This has been the most significant loss of police life in modern day policing history in Australasia.

The Remembrance Ceremony and Bloody Slow Cup is an event by the people of Newman to commemorate the service of these fine officers, their commitment to safeguarding the peace of the community and ensuring that time will never erase their spirit and memory.

The story of polair 64, rest in peace

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